Supplying Windsor Air Bricks to Celebrity homes

In the 10 years or so we’ve been supplying cast iron vents and drainage gratings, we’ve supplied vents for all sorts of homes and they’ve been installed in “celebrity houses” such as Mrs Thatchers house, the colleges at Oxford and Cambridge, the PMs residence at Chequers and even Buckingham Palace!

We’re always thrilled when our vents are installed in these wonderful period properties and in the nations famous buildings.But there’s nothing to compare with our latest order for more than fifty of our beautiful Windsor air bricks (show picture of WIN3 ).

Our vents are not only going to be installed in one celebrity home, they’re being installed in an entire street of them! Around 40 homes in total and everyone of these homes is (and has been in the past) occupied by some of Britains most famous people (or should that be “Characters”). Where can it be?

Well, were else than Britains favourite street featured in Britains favourite TV programme, Coronation Street.

Read the latest on the restoration from The Daily Mail here and view the news as released in Westcountry newspaper, Western morning News here.