Shipping All Over the World

After many years of supplying cast iron vents and drainage gratings it will come as no surprise to hear we ship all over the world.  One of our more remote deliveries has to be to Mr Chins House in Borneo, Malaysia. It was an order we especially remember because Mr Chin sent us a link to his blog showing the property and you can see from the picture above, what a surprise it was! Quite often we get photographs from customers and builders asking were they should put the vent or how to install it but normally the property isn’t at such an early stage as Mr Chins. It was very interesting looking at the way properties are built in the Jungle of Malaysia but what sounds so familiar is even in such a remote area Mr Chin had quite a job with the planners. Interesting but no matter were you are in the world, legislation is never far away!

One of the benefits of our new website has been the automation of global shipping rates. It has seen a significant increase in the number of overseas customers buying our British made products.

Throughout the website we showcase some of these customers and their properties including a wine cellar in Hungary and a windmill in Sweden as well as the many splendid properties at home in the UK.

To date our overseas customers include clients in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Norway, Netherlands, Italy, Sweden, Hungary, Ireland, France, Spain, Germany, Switzerland and a substantial number of customers in many of the states in USA including Idaho, New Jersey, New Hampshire, Texas, Florida, Maine and Massachusetts.