Fascinating facts about Coal Hole Covers

Coal Covers ? Can they really be fascinating ?

Well Jeremy Corbyn thinks so, let’s see why …


1.  Coal hole covers are predominantly round – That’s to ensure, when the coal was delivered, the merchant couldn’t drop the cover down the hole (a square or rectangular cover can fall through)

2.  Often, the coal hole would be outside a house on the public pavement so the merchant could deliver the coal without coming into the house and getting dirty finger prints and coal dust in the hallway.

3.  Jeremy Corbyn, former UK labour leader, is a coal hole cover spotter – collecting photos of coal hole covers around London and UK

4.  Coal Hole Rubbings? You’ve heard of brass rubbing but there really are folk who collect coal hole rubbings – It’s true ! here it is on the news

5.  Do a Google search for coal hole and as well as finding The cast Iron Air Brick Company coal hole covers you’ll also discover plenty of inns and restaurants as it’s a popular pub name. The Coal Hole in the Strand is rumoured to be on the site of the coal cellar for the Savoy Hotel


We love coal hole covers and have been selling them for about 10 years – all our castings are made in Scotland and the heavy 12″ diameter casting are about 5KG – We always have them in stock, either ventilated (with holes in for ventilation) or standard solid covers.


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