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About us


Started about 15 years ago, the Cast Iron Air Brick Company evolved from owners, Adrian and Amanda Budd requiring a large amount of cast iron air bricks for a grade 2 listed property they were restoring in Lincolnshire. The conservation officer allocated to their restoration was particularly enthusiastic that the build contained a couple of dozen authentic, cast iron air bricks all the same pattern. It proved to be such a hard quest to acquire the air bricks and so the idea of The Cast Iron Air Brick Company was formed. The restoration, by the way, was recommended by the local civic trust and submitted for inclusion in the Georgian Group “Urban Restoration of the Year” and Amanda and Adrian collected the runner up prize from HRH Duke of Kent at Christies, London.

Amanda and Adrian Budd receive prize from HRH Duke of Kent for restoration of a Georgian Building in an urban setting

Today the Cast Iron Air Brick Company supply cast air bricks and a huge range of ventilation grilles and gratings to individuals and the trade. We supply all over the world and have sold over £2million of air bricks and vents, many of them our own exclusive designs.  We don’t supply imported grilles – British foundries are the only foundries capable of manufacturing authentic, quality air bricks and grilles that are suitable for installation in the worlds finest buildings so we only use English and Scottish foundries. Our foundries date from the 18th and 19th century and have been in business casting iron for all that time and also include our newest foundry (established in 1973!) BAS castings in Nottingham and also Fowler and Holden in Grimsby who we’ve recently commissioned.

Cast iron air brick company - made in England
Cast iron air brick company – made in England

Not only is it important to us that our customers receive quality castings that will last a life time but it’s also important that they’re made without destroying the environment and by folk working in safety and receiving a decent wage. All our foundries have to meet strict EU emissions criteria and, like us, wholeheartedly embrace recycling at every stage of the manufacturing process. This includes recycling the sand to create the moulds for the castings and using the vast majority of recycled iron as the raw material.

Melting iron requires a huge amount of electricity and therefore generates a significant amount of carbon. To offset this we have planted a 5 acre wood and calculate that the carbon absorbed from the 350 trees each year is equivalent to the amount of carbon our 6 foundries generate manufacturing our products – making the manufacturing process carbon neutral.

Our items are used to replace existing defective cast iron ware and are more commonly used in new builds. We are able to supply just one air brick and can also supply architects and developers with large quantities.

about us

We provide grilles and air bricks in cast iron for dozens of restoration projects including…

Buckingham Palace, All Souls College at Oxford University, Durham University Law Building, Middlesex University, Bristol Industrial Museum, Kidderminster Mill, Royal College of Surgeons, Cambridge University Library and hundreds of others. We also supply grilles for modern developments including more than 100 homes with cast iron fly screen air bricks for the Athletes Olympic Village in London.

We have been trusted with the supply of air bricks for properties all over the UK from the Highlands, Belfast and Edinburgh to Truro and Jersey with properties varying from 1 bedroom tenements to mansion houses, mills, churches and museums. We’ve exported to the USA and even sent an order to a self builder in Borneo, Malaysia.

We focus and specialise in the supply of air vents and grilles in cast iron, nothing else. We’re the UKs only cast iron air brick specialist.

We pride ourselves on a personalised service and can meet your requirements no matter how large or small your order is. Your order is important to us and we track your order from the moment you place it, through packaging and delivery until you receive it.

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