Air Brick Product Guide

Cast iron air bricks are used either externally or internally, built into walls (either brick or stone) to fit flush with the wall surface and secured in place with mortar or plaster.

Which design you choose is very much a matter of taste although there are a number of factors which might help in choosing one design over another. The majority of these designs are virtual replicas of designs cast for many generations, possibly dating back to Georgian times.

If the air brick is positioned along a busy pavement then a heavy model such as the Windsor (WIN3) , the Max flow (MAX3) or Regency Scroll (REG3) would be ideal. If air flow is important, again the max flow, as the name suggests is a clear winner. For an authentic period finish may we recommend the Victorian Y pattern (Y3) or for earlier properties, the Regency Scroll or Windsor?

We also supply a stunning air brick based on the Georgian slotted pattern which is smaller than the imperial air bricks at 8 1/2″ x 2 1/2″ (213 x 66mm) named “Windsor”, item WIN3. This air brick is suitable for fitting into cavity wall ducting and periscope vents and looks equally good on its own fitted in period properties as well as modern homes and barn conversions. Because of its narrow size, it is often used in place of imperial sized air bricks where there isn’t enough room for mortar between the bricks and the air brick.

The Square Hole (GRID3) is a utilitarian pattern found in many period properties around the UK.

Often we are asked if insect mesh can be fitted to the back of any of our air bricks. Unfortunately the design of air bricks is such that they are permanently fitted into a wall and therefore any mesh fitted behind will eventually become blocked with dirt, closing off the air flow. There is a solution, the FLY3 is a cast iron air brick which has a removable front allowing the mesh to be fitted with provision for it to be removed at any time for cleaning.

The FLY3, fly screen air brick with removable mesh is ideal to prevent ingress of foreign objects into properties and ducting and is an effective barrier against rodents and insects.

Only one air brick (FLY3) , is suitable for fitting insect mesh, designed by us and cast exclusively for us in England.

British Designs and British Castings

All our cast iron products are made in the UK, the 9×3 inch air bricks are made to our specifications in foundries in Yorkshire, Birmingham and Scotland. Some, the Regency Scroll and Max Flow are individually made by hand using wooden molds and green sand for a heavyweight rustic finish. Others, the Victorian Y design, Slotted and square hole designs are made from metal patterns, four cast at a time for a finer and more precise finish.

All purchases made from The Cast Iron Air Brick Company support British manufacturing…

Because all our products are made in UK