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Heritage Property Renovations in the Brecon Beacons

This summer I decided to take a short trip motorcycling around the Brecon Beacons on my vintage Triumph Bonneville and visit a number of property renovations. It was supposed to be a father and son bonding session but unfortunately Frazer was too ill to go and was diagnosed with glandular fever the day we were due […]


St Pancras Hotel, London

In June we took a tour of the fabulous St Pancras Renaissance Hotel in London and also the impressive station of St Pancras to explore the wonderful architecture and look for inspiration in search of new designs and ideas for products. Our guide, Mike, took us on the hotel tour, which is open to non residence of […]

Quatrefoil Square

Quatrefoil Junction Box

We’re pleased to announce the introduction of an essential grille that will really expand the opportunities for different layouts using our Quatrefoil channel grating system. The Quatrefoil square is an essential grille to have when using our Quatrefoil channel grates in an L, T or X shape. The junction box beneath the grille clips into the […]

Offsetting carbon emissions caused by manufacture of cast iron products with the planting of 350 trees

Tree Planting – Carbon Offsetting

Melting iron to create our products uses energy either electricity or gas in large quantities. We keep the amount of energy used by commissioning only British foundries who, use energy as frugally as possible and meet EU emission standards with regards to pollution (unlike their Chinese counterparts). But there’s no escaping it, manufacturing our products […]

castle drogo

National Trust Restoration, Castle Drogo

This weekend we went along to see some of the conservation work being carried out at Castle Drogo, Chagford in Devon, England.  The castle is owned by the National Trust and the restoration work is a huge undertaking, likely to cost around £12 million. The scaffolding completely encloses the castle which is dwarfed inside by a […]

Cast Iron Air Brick Outlet in Sweden

We’re proud to announce our cast iron air bricks and vents are soon to be available to property restorers and architects in Sweden. Last week we were very excited to welcome a visit from Henrik Ulin, the owner and founder of Gamla Majeriet, the online building materials company based just south of Malmo, Sweden. Henriks […]

Supplying Windsor Air Bricks to Celebrity homes

In the 10 years or so we’ve been supplying cast iron vents and drainage gratings, we’ve supplied vents for all sorts of homes and they’ve been installed in “celebrity houses” such as Mrs Thatchers house, the colleges at Oxford and Cambridge, the PMs residence at Chequers and even Buckingham Palace! We’re always thrilled when our […]