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Check with a qualified architect, building regulations inspector or relevant professional tradesman that the articles to which these links/information documents refer to is relevant and current. When quoting or referring to regulations it is essential to check for updated editions and amendments and that the regulations refer to the country the building is in. (England and Scotland have different regulations)

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All the information supplied in our fact sheets or given by any of our representatives is given in good faith and is for guidance only.

The information in any of the documents above is for guidance and must be checked with the relevant department or authority. The cast iron air brick company or any of its representatives accepts no responsibility for any of the information supplied in the documents above or any of the links provided on this website. A qualified architect, local building regulations officer and/or Corgi registered plumber if applicable should be consulted prior to installation if in doubt. In the case of installation on a listed building, permissions from the local authority should be sought from the conservation officer before any work is carried out, even to replace damaged items.