Mortar Repair

This is a mix suitable for installing cast iron air bricks and repairing adjacent bricks in most pre Edwardian lime/cement mortared brick properties including grade 2 listed properties. This mix is strong enough to adhere the iron of the air brick to the bricks themselves without damaging them – Mixes with too much cement and not enough lime could cause early failure of surrounding brickwork and keep moisture from evaporating out of the mortar leading to damp problems or early brick failure in the future. A mix without cement and just hydraulic lime and sand may be suitable for brickwork but it is unlikely to be suitable for installing the cast iron air brick as it could take months or even years to set.

Please consult with your local authority conservation officer especially if your property is grade 2* or grade 1 listed.

Mix here was in the proportion 1:1:5

  • 1 part cement
  • 1 part hydraulic lime
  • 5 parts sharp sand

Please note. This mix is for the installation of cast iron air bricks and is not recommended for general pointing.