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Cast Iron Frames


Cut to order cast iron loose bearers to create a frame to support cast iron vent and drainage grilles. These are predominantly used to frame grilles laid horizontally to act as drainage gratings although they could be installed vertically to support grilles used for ventilation. The bearers are loose and form a frame that supports the grille. Each bearer (there are 4 per frame) has a “tongue” protruding back that is designed to be cemented into the pavement to hold the bearer in position. If the tongue is not required please mention this when ordering as we can cut it out and supply the frame without tongues. The four pieces of bearers for a frame are loose and are either held in position by the mortar around them or can be bonded together onsite using a modern glue by the contractor, they cannot be welded together (cast iron cracks when welded)

As with all made to measure products, frames are supplied on a no return basis.

Frames for small grilles up to 12″ long (300mm) require two bearers to make them and four bearers are used to make frames for large grille over 12″ long (300mm) up to 35″ (900mm) long . Prices for frames for small grilles including cutting the cast iron bearers and the bearers is £190 per frame (£100 to cut the frame and £90 for 2 bearers) , and £280 for large frames (£100 to cut the frame and £180 for 4 bearers)

Prices do not include the cost of the grille 



Cast Iron Frames – For DIYers


We charge £100 to  cut the material to make a frame and it is likely contractors and DIYers will want to save themselves the money and make them there selves. It is a relatively straight forward job to do so in the hands of a competent tradesman with the correct tools, with experience and wearing appropriate PPE  but please note – if you don’t have experience using narrow cutting discs we recommend leaving it to us to do – it could be £100 well spent !


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Additional information


Small up to 12" 300mm long, Large over 12" 300mm long

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