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Conservation Vent Grille


Conservation ventilation grilles are cast iron, cowled vents ideally suited for authentic ventilation and extraction of stale air in listed buildings, bathrooms, cloakrooms, tumble dryer outlets and all outlets and inlets where either a 3″ (73mm ), 4″ (103mm), 5″ (125mm) or 6″ (150mm) ducting is used.

Choose the size of the grille that is suitable for your requirements (check product specification table below for further details). Finished in a hard-wearing black gloss  or in a red oxide primer ready for you to apply your own finish. The painted black version can be repainted from time to time although many customers allow it to develop a “weathered patina” which is most agreeable for any listed building or period property. – examples shown in the photos on the left .

For larger orders we can supply conservation vents in any RAL colour, professionally primed with 3 part epoxy 2 part gloss or matt top coat at an additional cost – please email item number, quantity and RAL number for a proforma cost for this. We can also supply bare metal for customers to finish on site or to allow to rust for an industrial or contemporary look – to order these please buy the red oxide primed version on this website and stipulate in the comments box that you want them – “bare metal unprimed”

Conservation cowled vents are ideal for deflecting exhausted air downwards and preventing back draughts in prevailing wind positions. They can also be used with a fly mesh, at an additional cost, supplied as an oversize round disc that fits around the end of the spigot.

The Con3 is the smallest conservation vent grille and also the lightest. It doesn’t feature a spigot at the back therefore can be used to cover any small hole even a square or rectangle that is no larger than 3 x 3 inch (75 x 75 mm)

The external dimensions of the CON4 and CON5 are similar, the difference is the spigot on the back which is either 4″ or 5″ diameter respectively. The CON6 is a completely different casting and weighs a substantial 5KG so, although ideal for larger ventilation and extraction requirements it does need careful and thoughtful installation to ensure it is firmly fixed (it has larger 6mm dia securing holes and longer 35mm spigot length to help with this).

For full dimensions of all the conservation vents and detailed description please see the spec sheet …

The cast iron Conservation Vent is exclusive to The Cast Iron Air Brick Company and in its ten years of production is now ventilating some of the nations finest period properties (and a growing number of contemporary ones too). It has, and always will be, made in England, proudly displaying the fact along it’s leading edge.

The conservation vents aren’t supplied with mesh, if you want mesh please purchase mesh from here …

round mesh for the conservation vents with a spigot CON4, CON5 or CON6

Square of mesh for small conservation vent CON3





Please download the spec sheets here …

Spec sheets for CON3, 4,5 and 6….

Specification PDF  ciabCON3 

spec sheet con456

Item Nominal Spigot Size (Inches) Spigot Size (mm) Weight (kg) Air Flow (mm2)
CON 3 3 (no spigot) 73 ( hole size ) 0.9 4,000
CON 4 4 103 2.5 7,200
CON 5 5 125 2.6 8,000
CON 6 6 148 5 11,100


Additional information




Painted black, Red oxide primer

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