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Custom Length 3″ Daisy Grilles


These thin dianty grilles look very delicate yet are immensly strong. Should you need to install them in the floor they easily support the weight of anyone standing or kicking them.

Custom length Daisy pattern grilles made from 3″ high (75mm) cast iron daisy pattern are cut depending on the number of daisy patterns required. Please see the spec tables for the sizes we can cut to ranging from one daisy (75mm x 70mm) up to nine daisies (75mm x 584mm). These take a week to 10 days to create.

Drilling & mesh can be added for an additional cost, prices vary from £15 – £25 for mesh depending on length, and £20 for drilling.

Painted black is the standard finish . We can also supply this in bare metal, please make a note when ordering that a bare metal finish is required rather than painted black, it is the same price but will speed up delivery by about 4-5 days. Choose a bare metal finish to allow to rust for “industrial look” or installation in red brick properties where the rust wont stain the render or bricks, for light bricks and coloured render choose painted black finish. Customers can also prime and paint bare metal air bricks to their own colours with oil or epoxy paints.

For company orders we can supply air bricks in any RAL colour, professionally primed with 3 part epoxy 2 part gloss or matt top coat at an additional cost of £200+vat – please email item number, quantity and RAL number for a proforma cost for this.

Please see product specification & sizes in the table below.



Specification PDF for Cast Iron Grilles ciabgrille1


Item Number of daises Nom. Size (Inch) Air Flow mm2 (with mesh) Exact size (mm)
DAY33 1 3 x 3 2000 (1330) 70 x 75
DAY53 2 5 x 3 4000 (2660) 135 x 75
DAY83 3 8 x 3 6000 (4000) 197 x 75
DAY103 4 10 x 3 8000 (5330) 263 x 75
DAY133 5 13 x 3 10000 (6660) 328 x 75
DAY153 6 15 x 3 12000 (8000) 392 x 75
DAY183 7 18 x 3 14000 (9330) 455 x 75
DAY213 8 21 x 3 16000 (10660) 519 x 75
DAY233 9 23 x 3 18000 (12000) 584 x 75


Additional information


DAY33 (Without drilling or mesh), DAY33 (With drilling), DAY33 (With mesh), DAY33 (With drilling & mesh), DAY53 (Without drilling or mesh), DAY53 (With drilling), DAY53 (With mesh), DAY53 (With drilling & mesh), DAY83 (Without drilling or mesh), DAY83 (With drilling), DAY83 (With mesh), DAY83 (With drilling & mesh), DAY103 (Without drilling or mesh), DAY103 (With drilling), DAY103 (With mesh), DAY103 (With drilling & mesh), DAY133 (Without drilling or mesh), DAY133 (With drilling), DAY133 (With mesh), DAY133 (With drilling & mesh), DAY153 (Without drilling or mesh), DAY153 (With drilling), DAY153 (With mesh), DAY153 (With drilling & mesh), DAY183 (Without drilling or mesh), DAY183 (With drilling), DAY183 (With mesh), DAY183 (With drilling & mesh), DAY213 (Without drilling or mesh), DAY213 (With drilling), DAY213 (With mesh), DAY213 (With drilling & mesh), DAY233 (Without drilling or mesh), DAY233 (With drilling), DAY233 (With drilling), DAY233 (With mesh), DAY233 (With drilling & mesh)

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