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Daisy Gratings


Available in 3″ and 4″  widths (75 and 100mm), these long Daisy Gratings are ideal for supplying air for ventilating underneath hallways or for vent or drainage grilles for period properties, manors and halls .

They are supplied in 3ft (910mm) length as standard or can be shortened to 30 inch (around 765mm). Please note we cannot accept returns on shortened grilles as they are cut to order.

These grilles have been designed by ourselves and cast by hand using a little foundry just outside of Birmingham , England. Existing customers include a number of period properties including the Royal School of Surgeons building in London, England

The gratings are finished and supplied in a painted black finish.

Drilling & mesh can be added for an additional cost.

We also supply Cast Iron Bearers for use with this product which you can view here.

Mesh may be used to prevent the ingress of rodents or flies where the grating is used a vent but is not necessary when the grate is used as a drainage channel. Just be aware the mesh reduces the free air flow by around 1/3rd

Please see product specification & sizes in the table below.



Specification PDF for Cast Iron Long Grilles ciablong1


Item Nom. Size (Inch) Exact Size (mm) Free Airflow mm2 (with mesh) Weight (kg) Thickness (mm)
DAY303 30 x 3 767 x 75 22000(15550) 3.5 12
DAY363 36 x 3 918 x 75 26000(17100) 4 12
DAY304 30 x 4 767 x 100 22000(15550) 4.5 12
DAY364 36 x 4 918 x 100 26000(17100) 5 12



Additional information


DAY303 (Without drilling or mesh), DAY303 (With drilling), DAY303 (With mesh), DAY303 (With drilling & mesh), DAY363 (Without drilling or mesh), DAY363 (With drilling), DAY363 (With mesh), DAY363 (With drilling & mesh), DAY304 (Without drilling or mesh), DAY304 (With drilling), DAY304 (With mesh), DAY304 (With drilling & mesh), DAY364 (Without drilling or mesh), DAY364 (With drilling), DAY364 (With mesh), DAY364 (With drilling & mesh)

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