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Ecclesiastical Gratings

From: £300

Stunning Ecclesiastical Gratings ideal for under floor heating over traditional heating pipes or vent or drainage grilles for period properties, manors, halls or, as the name suggests, Churches and Cathedrals.

Existing customers include a number of manors and halls around the UK and also several properties in Kensington, London including Kensington Palace Gardens

The gratings are finished and supplied in a painted black finish.

We do stock quite a few of the 8″ but please email to check stock if you require more than one of the larger sizes. If we do need to commission castings then you will need to add 2-3 weeks to our normal delivery time.

We also supply Cast Iron Bearers for use with this product which you can view more info on cast iron bearers.

Please see product specification & sizes in the table below.

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Specification PDF for Cast Iron Long Grilles ciablong1

Item Nom. Size (Inch) Size (mm) Depth (mm) Slot Size (mm) Weight (kg) Airflow (mm2)
ECC8 36 x 8 914 x 203 12 - 9 60000
ECC12 36 x 12 914 x 305 12 - 12 90000
ECC15 36 x 15 914 x 380 10 - 15 100000