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Fire Grate


Fire grates are listed in the size of the fire place they are suitable for and this is the opening at the front of the fireplace, measured in inches. The grates are around 1 to 1.5 inches smaller, ie a 14″ fire grate is only 13″ wide .

These are British made fire grates and are more commonly known as fire stools.

Although fire grates are regarded as a “consumable” requiring occasionale replacement, casting in British foundries ensures they are able to withstand higher temperatures and therefore last longer than imported or “unkown origin” castings. Consideration should be given to purchase a pair rather than just one, thereby leaving one as a spare for when the original destorts and burns away in the repeated fierce heat of the fire.

Note… Slots in the ash pan to allow combustion air and for ash to fall through are 11mm wide. Fire grates should be left bare metal and are not suitable for painting even with heat resistant paint. They are mainly used internally but can be used as baskets for outdoor fires.

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Item Back and front width in mm Depth of grate in mm Maximum height at back and front in mm KG
FIRE14 210 and 330 255 80 and 115 4
FIRE16 255 and 380 260 85 and 115 4.5
FIRE18 300 and 420 275 90 and 125 5.5