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Fly6 Air Brick
Fly-Screen-Air-Bricks-in-3-rps_369_rgbflyscreen-air-bricksFLY3-Close-upFlyscreen Air Bricks Supplied to Athletes Village, London 2012 OlympicsDAY107meshNBS Plus Endorsement Stamp Purple 256375373

FLY6 Air Brick

From: £125

9 x 6 Flyscreen Air Brick with choice of finishes, bare as standard or painted black (+£10), with the option of adding a Flood Screen (+£15).

Mainly used as an exterior air brick, supplied to the London Olympics 2012 for use in the athletes village it can also be used with cavity wall sleeve item CAVHEXT6 and a heritage grille of similar size (item HER96) for the interior grille or Daisy grille, item DAY107.

The mesh is a copper mesh of 1mm gauge with 1mm x 1mm square holes ideal for preventing ingress of flies, wasps and rodents.

The flood screen is a cork gasket that can be used to replace the mesh when flooding is imminent and likely to occur , it is then removed when danger has passed. It is useful to keep on standby for ground floor installations especially in low lying areas, properties near the coast or rivers or properties in an area with a history of flooding.

Product specifications can be found in the table below.

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Specification PDF for Cast Iron Fly Screen Air Bricks ciabFLY1

Item Nom. Size (Inch) Size (mm) Vent Size (mm) Weight (kg) Air Flow (mm2) Plate Thickness (mm) Reverse Depth (mm)
Fly 6 9 x 6 228 x 151 16 x 16 2.4 8500 (with mesh) 7 50