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HM3 Air Brick


9 x 3 Hit and Miss Air Brick in a bare oiled finish.

A very popular item and our only adjustable vent in this size.  We regularly export this air brick to numerous countries, particularly USA, Canada and colder northern countries including a Swedish lighthouse and properties in Denmark and Norway were the ability to close off the air is especially useful.

This imperial air brick can be used with the METIMP aluminium sleeve and/or duct tape to use with the metric plastic Rytons ducting for cavity wall sleeves and periscope duct which are available separately on this website.

Product specifications can be found in the table below.

Specification PDF for Cast Iron Hit and Miss Air Bricks ciabHM1

Specification PDF for Connecting Imperial Air Bricks with Metric Ducting

Item Nom. Size (Inch) Size (mm) Vent Size (mm) Weight (kg) Air Flow (mm2) Plate Thickness (mm) Reverse Depth (mm)
HM3 9 x 3 225 x 75 8 x 55 0.8 4500 4 30