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HM3 Air Brick


9 x 3 Hit and Miss Air Brick in a bare oiled finish adjustable to open or close positions. Constructed of a 9×3 inch cast iron body with single cast iron slotted plate behind, held in place by screw and chromed metal adjusting knob. The screw is fastened at the back and held in place either by a nut or ball peened.

A very popular item and our only adjustable vent in this size.  We regularly export this air brick to numerous countries, particularly USA, Canada and colder northern countries including a Swedish lighthouse and properties in Denmark and Norway were the ability to close off the air is especially useful. In the USA, house air vents that open and close are more generally known as air vent registers or room registers. Quite a number of installations are modern constructions including Fishers Island Golf and Country Club in New York, USA.

In the UK, hit and miss air vent registers are widely installed in houses towards the end of the Victorian era. The design lends itself to fit in the space of a brick and therefore it would appear they were designed for external use and indeed they are a very common feature on the otside walls of period homes.  Vistorian and Edwardian house builders and interior designers, however,  often sited them indoors so occupants could take advantage of the open/shut feature and also see the position of the vent from the room.

This imperial air brick can be used with the METIMP aluminium sleeve and/or duct tape to use with the metric plastic Rytons ducting for cavity wall sleeves and periscope duct which are available separately on this website.

It is supplied oiled and therefore not suited to painting as paint would restrict the movement of the grille. Seek specialist advice if it is going to be used to supply air for combustion, ie open fires, boilers, log burners as it may not meet current regulations for this purpose.


Product specifications can be found in the table below.