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Lattice Gratings


Lattice Gratings are ideal for venting and drainage for period properties, manors, halls, palm houses, orangeries, Churches and Cathedrals. These are available in 3ft (914mm) lengths in 4″, 6″ and 9″ heights plus a new 3″ version.

We are thrilled that one of the properties using our Lattice gratings includes the queens residence,  Buckingham Palace, London.

The gratings are finished and supplied in a painted black finish.

The cast iron bearers shown in photograph are not included and are available separately, you can browse our bearers here.

Mesh and Drilling is also available as an addition.

Please see the table below for item specifications.



Specification PDF for Cast Iron Long Grilles ciablong1


Item Nom. Size (Inch) Dimensions (mm) Airflow mm2  (with mesh) Weight (kg) Thickness (mm)
LAT363 36 x 3 914 x 75 21000 (14000) 3 9
LAT364 36 x 4 914 x 102 33000  (22000) 7 10
LAT366 36 x 6 914 x 152 58000  (38000) 8 10
LAT369 36 x 9 914 x 229 82000  (54000) 10 10


Additional information


LAT363 (Without drilling or mesh), LAT363 (With drilling), LAT363 (With mesh), LAT363 (With drilling & mesh), LAT364 (Without drilling or mesh), LAT364 (With drilling), LAT364 (With mesh), LAT364 (With drilling & mesh), LAT366 (Without drilling or mesh), LAT366 (With drilling), LAT366 (With mesh), LAT366 (With drilling & mesh), LAT369 (Without drilling or mesh), LAT369 (With drilling), LAT369 (With mesh), LAT369 (With drilling & mesh)

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