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Lattice Gratings


STOP PRESS – Due to foundry closure these grilles have been discontinued. If the product is still advertised then that means we still have stock – kindly email to check if you require more than one length of any size

Lattice gratings are ideal for venting and drainage for period properties, manors, halls, palm houses, orangeries, churches, cathedrals and even palaces. One of our earliest sales of the Lattice grilles were to HRH The Queens residence at Buckingham Palace where we supplied them to a contractor working their on behalf of the estate and for installation in the grounds.

Our cast iron Lattice gratings are available in 3ft (914mm) lengths in 3″, 6″ and 9″ widths and are finished and supplied in a painted gloss black finish, drilling (in the corners for securing) & copper mesh (to keep out bugs and rodents) can be added for an additional cost.

If laying the grilles in the floor we can also supply cast iron support bearers for use with this product which can be purchased separately here. Mesh may be used to prevent the ingress of rodents or flies where the grating is used a vent and installed vertically but is not suitable when the grate is used as a drainage channel and laid horizontally as it will quickly block with debris

Painting gloss can take around a week but if they are needed ASAP we can send them out primed black but without the gloss top coat. There is no cost saving doing this but it will speed up the order if you are in a hurry, please make a note of this in the additional comments box when placing your order or follow up with an email. Regardless of the paint finish, these grilles are going to last a lifetime as the corrosion resistance of cast iron is very good, especially when compared to similar sized steel grilles.

Please see the table below for item specifications.



Specification PDF for Cast Iron Long Grilles ciablong1


Item Nom. Size (Inch) Dimensions (mm) Airflow mm2  (with mesh) Weight (kg) Thickness (mm)
LAT363 36 x 3 914 x 75 21000 (14000) 3 9
LAT366 36 x 6 914 x 152 58000  (38000) 8 10
LAT369 36 x 9 914 x 229 82000  (54000) 10 10


Additional information


LAT363 (Without drilling or mesh), LAT363 (With drilling), LAT363 (With mesh), LAT363 (With drilling & mesh), LAT364 (Without drilling or mesh), LAT364 (With drilling), LAT364 (With mesh), LAT364 (With drilling & mesh), LAT366 (Without drilling or mesh), LAT366 (With drilling), LAT366 (With mesh), LAT366 (With drilling & mesh), LAT369 (Without drilling or mesh), LAT369 (With drilling), LAT369 (With mesh), LAT369 (With drilling & mesh)

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