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made to maesure grilles
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Made to Measure Square Hole Grilles

From: £80

Made to measure Square Hole Cast Iron Grilles available undrilled as standard, with a painted black finish or can be drilled in the corners for securing and or mesh added.

Architects - For information of the free air supply area in mm2 and sizes available from these grilles download our guide…….

 Made to Measure Cast Iron Gratings 

It is recommended to download and read our PDF for the grilles which contains further information regarding the manufacture and installation …

Specification PDF for Cast Iron Made to Measure Square Hole Grilles ciabMTM

Beautifully simple and elegant, the square hole design has been used for centuries from castles, keeps and manor houses to modern extensions and art galleries. Indeed many of the grilles we make are for a wonderful array of clients and their properties including the delightful Wiltons Music hall in London and shop fronts along the stunning period high street in Chester, England. We even ship these made to measure grilles, supplying the architectural practice, Tendenze design in New Jersey USA with a substantial order of bespoke grilles, a property owner in Florence, Italy with just one grille and even a pair of grates all the way to a house in Auckland, New Zealand!

These grilles are available in a range of heights from 4″ to 15″ and can be cut to almost any length, priced according to three length variations:

Short: Up to 8″ (205mm)
Medium: 8″ to 18″ (205mm – 450mm)
Long: 18″ to 36″ (455mm – 915mm)

Please specify your desired length in the box below.

Drilling & mesh can be added for an additional cost, prices vary from £15 – £50 for mesh, and £5-15 for drilling depending on length.

We can also make narrow square hole gratings of 2, 3 or 4 rows ( from 40mm high) in lengths from 125mm up to 300mm long. Please email sales@castironairbricks.co.uk

Please see product specification & sizes in the table below.

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Desired length

Specification PDF for Cast Iron Made to Measure Square Hole Grilles ciabMTM


Item Grille height (Inch) Grille height (mm) Top / bottom border (mm) End border widths (mm) Row of holes Square hole size Plate thickness (mm)
MTM4 4 100 10 4 5 10 9
MTM5 5 127 15 4 5 14 14
MTM6 6 152 18 5 6 13 12
MTM7 7 178 11 5 8 14 12
MTM8 8 200 16 6 8 15 12
MTM9 9 227 10 6 10 15 12
MTM10 10 253 21 6 10 15 13
MTM11 11 273 20 6 11 15 13
MTM12 12 300 15 7 13 14 12
MTM15 15 380 13 6 17 15 14