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PER3 Periscope Vent Duct and Windsor air brick


Periscope Vent Duct supplied with a telescopic sleeve and 1 Cast Iron Air Brick with choice of finishes, bare as standard or painted black ( + £5)

Use of periscope ducting is particularly useful where outside ground levels have been built up over the years. It is, and has been, over the last 100 years or so for lessor tradespersons to build on top of property pavements and patios in the back of a house and this has led to a substantial increase in their use when ventilating underfloor voids or trying to get air into a room for ventilation or fire combustion. Georgian properties are especially vulnerable to this phenomenon where they adjoin public pavements and highways because, at the front of the property,  the roads and pavements are now at least a foot higher compared to where they where when the property was first built.

The persicope can be used with CAVHEXT3 horizontal extension for deep walls or PERVEXT vertical extension for use in more than 5 courses of bricks or combined with CAVRND round adapter. The CAVRND adapter is especially useful combined with round flexible ducting to transfer ventilation air in hard to reach areas under floor boards over distance.

For commercial orders we can supply air bricks in any RAL colour, professionally primed with 3 part epoxy 2 part gloss or matt top coat at an additional cost of £200+vat – please email item number, quantity and RAL number for a proforma cost for this.

Painted vents use two part epoxy black gloss top coat which is hard wearing but is just a decorative finish, like all painted cast iron products it will require repainting from time to time, especially if situated on an exposed wall. Repainting can be frequent if the grille is positioned in the sunlight, or chipped or exposed to salt air . The gloss paint will dull over time, in exposed conditions it is likely to dull to a satin sheen fairly quickly. Regardless of the paint finish the cast iron grille will last for many decades with or without painting.