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Reg3 Air Brick

Reg3 Air Brick


9 x 3 Regency Scroll Air Brick painted black. Suitable for external use, combining well with Union Jack (item UJ3) or Daisy Vent grilles (item DAY104) used for interiors.

Early Georgian and Regency pattern which is why this air brick is called the Regency air brick (item REG3) . Similar Regency patterns of concentric circles have been used in vent grilles throughout the UK and were very popular with foundries in 18th and 19th C.

Especially popular in London properties were the pattern was copied even into the Edwardian period in places like Lonsdale gardens and similar squares around the capital.

Our cast iron vent grilles are all made individually by hand using the old traditional “green sand” method.

Product specifications can be found in the table below.

Item Nom. Size (Inch) Size (mm) Vent Size (mm) Weight (kg) Air Flow (mm2) Plate Thickness (mm) Reverse Depth (mm)
Reg 3 9 x 3 228 x 78 - 0.8 4500 5 50