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Round slotted drain covers and vent grilles


Round Slotted Wall Vent Grilles and Drain Covers in painted black finish.

These grilles have two functions, either as round vents or as round drain cover grilles. They are especially useful for inserting (rebating) into wooden floors or into walls to provide combustion air for log burning stoves. The larger round grilles can be used as drainage gratings outside.

Look carefully during episodes of ITVs “Emmerdale” and you may catch a glimpse of our round 12″ slotted grille in the main street (item RO12). Ashintully Castle in Blairgowrie and Creake Abbey, Norfolk are also better drained thanks to our round cast iron drain covers.

4, 5 and 6 inch round grilles are often used as vents in conjunction with round ducting

Drilling & mesh can be added for an additional cost, prices vary from £15 – £25 for mesh, and £5 – £10 for drilling depending on diameter.

There is no option for purchasing the smallest round vents drilled via this website – if drilling isn’t shown as an option and is required, please email for a proforma. Kindly note that drilled round grilles of 5″and under are drilled to order and we cannot accept returns on them.


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