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Long Slotted 3″ Gratings


Slotted gratings are available in a painted black finish, with drilling and mesh for an additional cost, £50 for mesh and £20 for drilling.

We supply this grille 3″ high in 36″ lengths but can reduce the length to your requirements. Please select “Cut to order” and enter your desired length (shorter than 910mm) in the field below. After cutting your grille will be painted. If you require the grille longer than 910mm you will need to order more than one grille ie. 2 grilles if you require 910 – 1820mm, 3 grilles if 1820 – 2730mm is required etc. As the grille will be cut in line with the ribs, it may be slightly longer or shorter than desired and we will therefore confirm the exact length with the customer before proceeding. We cannot accept returns on cut grilles.

We also supply Cast Iron Bearers for use with this product which can be viewed here.

Please see specifications in the table below:


Custom Length