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Square Hole Gratings


STOP PRESS – Due to foundry closure these grilles have been discontinued. If the product is still advertised then that means we still have stock – kindly email to check if you require more than one length of any size

Hugely popular because the pattern is timeless and will fit into almost any scenario being sympathetic to even the most sensitive restoration project.  Larger gratings are especially useful used as walkways and pedestrian bridges over streams and water features and properties where they are used include monasteries, theatres and period homes of all sizes in UK and especially in London. The cast iron square hole grating is either installed vertically as a ventilation vent or laid flat as drainage grille.

When used as a drainage grating, they are installed along pavements, door thresholds (especially french doors and bifolds) and for patio drainage . Full length, cast iron square hole gratings are predominantly used in this way and very often are used in significant numbers to create long lines running along paths and for landscaping gardens to drain away surface water. Channels can be created using cement and concrete to divert rain and surface water towards a soakaway or storm drain often mortaring in the cast iron bearers to create a long lasting and traditional edge along the top of the channel. The square hole grating is an old fashioned pattern and although not heal proof or stilleto proof it is large enough to allow water to freely flow and drain away without blocking regularly (heel proof gratings require cleaning after every occasion of heavy rain to prevent them getting blocked). Mesh, which is actually supplied to prevent the passage of flies and bugs, is therefore not suitable for installation when this grating is used as a drainage channel because, like heel proof gratings, it will block as soon as heavy rain washes debris and soil into the channel.

As a ventilation vent, full size 36 inch long gratings require a lintel over them to support the brickwork or stone above them.

Please email for advice if you have a particular length you require to cover and cannot find what you are looking for on this website. We have supplied hundreds of projects, restorations and new builds with these grilles to create walkways, drains, steps, pavement lightwells, threshold drainage, heating pipe covers and all manner of design schemes over the last ten years or more and would like to help find a solution if we can.

These square hole gratings are available in a painted black finish, with the option of drilling and mesh for an additional cost, £50 for mesh and £20 for drilling.

The cast iron bearers are available separately, you can browse our cast iron bearers here.

Please see product specification & sizes in the table below.



   Item Nom. Size (Inch) Size (mm) Long Border Width End Border Width Square Hole Size Weight (kg) Row of Holes Columns of Holes Airflow (mm2) Plate Thickness (mm)
SH367 36 x 7 914 x 178 11 11 14 7 8 46 72000 12
SH368 36 x 8 912 x 200 16 22 15 9 8 40 72000 12
SH369 36 x 9 910 x 227 10 13 15 9 10 44 100000 12
SH3610 36 x 10 914 x 253 21 23 15 11 10 40 90000 13
SH3611 36 x 11 910 x 273 20 20 15 11 11 40 100000 13
SH3615 36 x 15 914 x 380 13 22 15 17 17 41 160000 14
SH3621 36 x 21 914 x 533 32 18 21 33 14 26 160000 14


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