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Stove and Fire Air Vent


The Stove and Fire Vent is the ideal interior vent to compliment a log burner or stove. The cast iron body is available in a polished pewter effect, which has been hand finished by us in our workshop or can be purchased bare metal for contractors or property owners to finish on site.

The pewter finish stove vent will certainly enhance any interiors but is not only aesthetically pleasing, it is also functional as well. When the 100mm spigot is connected to an air source it provides 3000mm2 of free area for combustion air for a room fitted with a log burner or stove up to 10KW. For larger burners up to 15KW simply use 2 Stove vents  for 6000mm2 of free area.

The air source can be achieved simply in rooms with suspended wooden floors by drilling into the floor to allow the air in through the spigot. In solid floors, a pipe and fittings will need to be fitted to duct the air in from outside.

The bare metal option gives clients the option to “rust” up the cast iron body by soaking it in water and create an “industrial” look or to lacquer the body to maintain the “fine cast foundry” finish. It also allows customers to paint the body to their own designs but please note if paint or lacquer is used it is essential to ensure it is heat proof if the stove vent is to be situated close or adjacent to the fire.

The front plate is available with a choice of material either in brushed aluminium or polished brass.

Please note…

Another version of this vent can be seen elsewhere on the website (item CELL4 cellar vent) with the option of having copper mesh or a brass flap. This version with flap or mesh is unsuitable for use as a stove vent as i may not meet with HETAS requirements. Customers tempted to install mesh with the Stove4 vent should first consult with HETAS or Gas safe qualified plumber to confirm if this meets the requirements.