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Y6 Air Brick


9 x 6 Victorian Y Pattern Air brick with choice of finishes, bare as standard or painted black ( £10)

A very common air brick used extensively in early to late Victorian properties, especially public buildings and railway properties. It is found across the UK and Ireland, the more notable installations of the Y6 cast iron air brick are in the libraries at Alnwick and also the Advocates Library in Edinburgh.

The Y6 is a 9 x 6 inch copy of the Victorian Y pattern air brick with choice of finishes, bare or painted black. Use bare metal to allow to rust for a natural finish commensurate with red brick buildings or for customers to paint to their own paint scheme or purchase painted black for use in non-red brick properties or rendered properties.

Painted vents use two part epoxy black gloss top coat which is hard wearing but is just a decorative finish, like all painted cast iron products it will require repainting from time to time, especially if situated on an exposed wall. Repainting can be frequent if the grille is positioned in the sunlight, or chipped or exposed to salt air . The gloss paint will dull over time, in exposed conditions it is likely to dull to a satin sheen fairly quickly. Regardless of the paint finish the cast iron grille will last for many decades with or without painting.

For company orders we can supply air bricks in any RAL colour, professionally primed with 3 part epoxy 2 part gloss or matt top coat at an additional cost of £200+vat- please email item number, quantity and RAL number for a proforma for this.

It isn’t possible to install flymesh at the back of this air brick as the mesh will either become dislodged or will block without the ability to clean it. If flies, wasps and bugs are gaining entrance to the property via the vents and are a nuisance the FLY6 cast iron air brick with removable front and integral mesh may be a more suitable alternative or use in conjunction with a duct and attach the mesh to an internal grille (see below) . Please note mesh cannot legally be used (UK – current GAS Safe and HETAS regulations apply) vents where the vents are required to feed a combustion appliance or the room where there is a combustion appliance.

Although not a perfect fit, duct tape can be used to adjoin this imperial sized air brick to  a metric double sized plastic cavity wall duct. This item known as a Cavity Horizontal Extension (CAVHEXT6) can be used to transfer air through the wall to an internal grille such as the Heritage 9×6 (item HER96) or Daisy Vent (DAY107).  Mesh cannot be fitted in this air brick but is more suited to be installed behind the internal grille (and it can be regularly removed for cleaning) were it serves to prevent bugs entering the rooms and reduces draughts, albeit reducing the free air by 1/3rd.


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