Efficient Drainage ?

You would think that drain grilles would be capable of draining water away, wouldn’t you? Well unfortunately no, as these modern narrow slit grilles show. This is an all to common problem with modern channel gratings and one of the reasons we developed the cast iron Quatrefoil channel grille system.

The modern grilles shown in the photograph are excellent for not allowing stiletto heels to pass through but they’re not very good at draining away water. It is impossible to achieve effective drainage with narrow slits unless the water is clean and the grilles are removed regularly for cleaning. If that’s not the case and the water contains any soil or silt then the grille will quickly block rendering it useless.

Whilst our Quatrefoil grilles  won’t prevent stiletto heels falling through,  they will do what they’re designed to do and that’s drain water away – and they are perfectly appropriate for the grounds of listed buildings and period properties , unlike their modern counterparts !