Prototype Quatrefoil Channel Gratings

Our varied selection of 3 feet long gratings have always been a favourite for those wanting to replace ugly plastic and pressed tin grilles on top of channel gratings (also known as Ako drains) , with decorative cast iron grilles  Unfortunately, at 3 feet long, our grilles are not a perfect fit for sitting on top of the metric, 1000mm channels and our customers have either had to compromise or add a smaller extension grille to make up the difference. As many of our regular customers know, we’re not comfortable with asking our customers to compromise, so we’re now working on a solution. A very beautiful, ornate solution, with a design of cast iron grille based on the medieval, architectural, four circles known as the Quatrefoil, commonly used in windows of Norman churches and throughout Victorian period properties. This new grille will be ideal to enhance already installed channel gratings and provide architects and landscapers with stunning cast iron grilles to finish off there most prestigious projects and gardens.

Introducing item  Q1000 – 1metre long Quatrefoil pattern cast iron grille

“Estimated availability October 2014”

This new channel grating will be supplied with a plastic channel and on top, an integral decorative cast iron grille with screwed fittings to secure it to the channel below. It will be ideal for pedestrian use and driveways in period properties and contemporary, high end builds. The Q1000 can also be connected to a four way square grille end plate complete with cast iron grille + channel (item Q4) to allow the channel to be laid in an L, T or X layout.

The Q1000 can also be supplied in shorter lengths to enable almost any length of channel to be formed. Exact lengths of the extension channels complete with shorter lengths of cast iron grille are not known at this early design stage but are likely to be around the following lengths 150mm, 300mm, 450mm, 550mm, 700mm and 850mm