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METIMP6 – 9×6 Aluminium Adaptor


The METIMP6 9×6 aluminium adaptor is suitable for connecting double sized imperial 9×6 air bricks with cutaway back frames to be connected to CAVHEXT6 metric plastic metric ducting.  It is preferable to use duct tape when connecting the air brick, adaptor and duct to hold the ensemble together whilst mortaring in position.

It is essential to use the aluminium adaptor when connecting these air bricks to ducts …

GRID6 and MAX6 – Grid Pattern

Y6 – Y Pattern

VV6 – Victorian Vertical Slot Pattern

HM6 – Hit and Miss

L6 – Louvre


It is not necessary to use the aluminium adaptor when connecting the FLY6 flyscreen 9×6 air brick to ducts as the FLY6 has a flat reverse on the top and bottom which makes this particular imperial air brick suited to connect to metric ducting without an adaptor.