Top Ten Tips for Reducing Condensation

Top Ten Tips to reduce condensation……….

Whilst there are numerous tips within the newspapers about reducing condensation , the majority of them highlight the benefits of double glazing and new properties. Here we look at ideas more relavant to listed buildings and period properties…


  • Keep the bathroom door closed when taking a bath or shower. Make sure the extractor is on at all times.
  • Don’t forget to pull the plug and drain the water out of the bath as soon as you’ve finished!
  • Drying clothes on radiators generates plenty of moisture. It will reduce condensation considerably if you use a tumble dryer instead and extract the moist air outside. Consider using a tumble dryer vent.
  • Modern windows have trickle vents fitted to allow a little air to keep condensation down. Open the window just a tiny bit to help reduce condensation if trickle vents aren’t fitted.
  • Hob extractors are great for removing moisture. Ensure they are set up to extract to an outside wall and they’re used every time the oven or hob is on. If they’re the recirc type then they won’t remove any moisture, just smells. Extract the moisture outside if condensation is a problem in kitchens.
  • People generate moisture just by breathing so the more people in the property the more likely condensation will be a problem. Public houses, village halls, community centres, offices and properties with large families are particularly vulnerable so ensure ventilation is large enough for the number of people in the property. If you have an exercise bike or treadmill indoors you’re going to generate lots of moisture while training. Ensure you keep the window open to vent out the moisture when training.
  • Fix leaks – Check inside the house to make sure there are no plumbing leaks. Check overflow pipework is connected to the outside and works. Check drains aren’t leaking under the sink and under the bath.
  • Fix leaks – Check outside that rainwater gutters are clear. Check downpipes are connected and not blocked. When its raining hard, go outside and take a look. Ensure the rainwater is flowing away from the property and not soaking into outside walls.
  • Put the heating on. Warm air holds considerably more moisture than cold air. Keep the house ventilated even during the winter months.
  • Ventilate ! We can’t stress this enough but ventilation can be the key to reducing condensation. If you have extractors fitted, make sure you use them. Check the extractor fan in the bathroom and shower room isn’t isolated.  Don’t forget to look at improving insulation, reducing damp and heating the property.