Flyscreen air brick installation

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This air brick void requires a new air brick installing.

In this example we’re using the FLY3, with a bespoke RAL coloured cream front plate instead of the standard black paint finish.

If you would like air bricks or any grilles painting to a colour other than black please email us with your requirements. There is a charge for bespoke painting.

We’ve carefully cleared away some of the cement to allow the frame of the FLY3 air brick to fit.

The cement mix is 1 part lime, 1 part cement and 4 parts coarse sand . We wet with plain water in the area where the air brick is to fit and then point in with cement.


IMG 3577    IMG 3582  IMG 3585

Pointing along the top of the air brick requires a bit of care to avoid too much cement falling down behind the air brick.

Don’t worry about making a mess along the front as it can be easily be cleaned using a small pointing trowel and a sponge and water.


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When it’s all finished, leave it a couple of hours and then gently brush across the mortar and sweep away any excess. Paint the wall with a masonry paint designed for use with masonry. Be careful to avoid using water based masonry paint on the cast iron air brick. The paint we apply to our air bricks either black or bespoke is a 3 part epoxy metal coating paint designed for use on cast iron.