Listed Buildings – Is this Britain’s most listing, listed building?

Architects, if you have a nervous disposition – look away now !


IMG 5409

IMG 5410


Whilst out in Ludlow, Shropshire, England we couldn’t help but admire the stunning buildings that make up this beautiful  market town, very close to the England/Wales border.

Ludlow is renowned for it’s shops as well as its architecture and has a number of grade 1 listed buildings, including the Feathers Hotel

Of course, we’re more interested in the quirky side of architecture. We like pipes, gutters, drains, vents , oh yes and air bricks of course.

We just love lintels too ! Maybe this building needs a new one?

We hope you enjoy looking along the courses of brickwork on this building and wonder – is this Britains most listing, listed building?


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