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Cellar, Soil & Waste Vent


The cellar vent cast iron body is available in bare metal or painted black, with a front slotted grille in aluminium or in solid brass and the grille fitted with copper mesh or a brass flap.

Customers may want to have the bare metal version to paint to their own colour scheme, to allow the cellar vent to rust for an industrial look or to lacquer or black lead. Please note there is no difference in the price between painted black or bare metal and it is unlikely to make little difference to the life span of the product regardless of the finish. This is because the cast iron body is a copy of Victorian castings and the life span is likely to exceed 100 years before needing replacing due to corrosion.

When used as a sewar vent or attached to the vent pipe of a wc they are required to have a brass flap to allow air in with the flap acting as a non return valve. For all other uses, either to allow air down into a basement or cellar or for transferring ventilation air from outside and into subterraneum flexi or fix ducts the flap isn’t required so it is more suited to order with the copper mesh instead of the brass flap. The copper mesh version allows air in and out and isnt restricted to air flow in just one direction. If increased airflow is required, order the copper mesh version and simply remove it.