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Cellar, Soil & Waste Vent

From: £175

This cellar vent is now only available painted black.Up until recently it was available with the option of galvanising but this is no longer available.

As standard they are available with a brass flap to allow air in with the flap acting as a non return valve. However, you can also order with mesh instead of the brass flap. The copper mesh version allows air in and out and is especially suited to venting and allowing air into basements and cellars. If increased airflow is required, order the copper mesh version and simply remove it.

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Item Nom. Size (Inch) Size (Inch) Base Diameter (Inch) Weight (kg) Air Flow mm2 (with mesh) Plate Thickness (mm)
CELL4 7.5 x 5.5 x 5.5 4 3.5 7 3000 (2000)