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Coal Hole Cover NEW


This solid coal hole cover is an imperial coal hole size, which is nominally 12 inches across (297mm diameter), and is supplied without a frame.

Coal hole covers either solid or vented are quite niche now and quite rare although we do receive a steady flow of orders mainly from London, Birmingham, Manchester and major cities across UK. Our cast iron air brick company design is copied from a genuine London 19th century design that would have been commonplace along the capitals pavements. This stunning coal hole cover is made in Lincolnshire, England .

We now find the majority of orders are for property restorers replacing defective or missing coal covers although we are seeing an increasing amount of interest in installing “dummy” covers in pavements , walkways and precincts. We do receive the majority of orders from listed London properties in conservation areas and have in the past supplied one for the set of BBCs Eastenders in the now very distinctive and recognised “Albert Square” aka Fassett Square.

Coal covers are supplied as standard with a gloss painted black finish, they can also be supplied in bare metal . Bare metal can either be left to rust to reduce slipping for pedestrians in wet weather or can then be painted by the customer in any “non slip” finish or colour they require. If the coal cover is for installation outdoors on public footpaths we would advise customers to consider whether it would be beneficial to have bare metal – we will supply in painted black finish unless you annotate on the order in “additional information” section when ordering that you require bare metal.

The vented covers are discontinued and we have limited stock. If you are reading this then we still have at least one left but once they are gone, that’s it!


Specifications as per table below and further diameters and dimensions for the frame and the covers as follows, use in conjunction with the drawings (2022 year update – this is the old design pattern so please adjust any dimensions to those in bold below ) shown in the Specification PDF for Cast Iron Coal Covers ciabCOAL :-

297mm cover dia,

255mm cover spigot dia

Cover depth = 40mm,

Cover thickness = 11mm

335mm frame dia,

273mm frame hole dia, 

Frame depth = 55mm

Don’t forget to order the frame here

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