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METIMP3 – 9×3 Aluminium Adaptor


This is a 9×3 inch aluminium adaptor to connect the majority of our imperial single size air bricks with the metric cavity wall sleeves and metric periscope duct.

It is essential for use combined with duct tape when connecting the following imperial air bricks to plastic ducting as these types of air bricks all have cutaway backs and will not successfully attach to the duct …

GRID3 – Grid pattern square hole cast iron Air Brick

Y3 – Victorian Y pattern cast iron air brick

HM3 and VV3 – Hit and Miss and Victorian Vertical Slotted air bricks

REG3 – Regency Scroll pattern air brick

L3 – Louvre Air Brick

The adpator is not required for attaching MAX3 and FLY3 air bricks to ducting as these air bricks have flat, “box like” backs and are better fixed using duct tape alone.