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CON 4 Conservation Vent Grille in black
Conservation Vent CON5con-4-and-5-dimensionscon4-and-con5Conservation Vent CON5 Primedconservation CON4Conservation Vent CON4Conservation Vent CON4 PrimedConservation Vent CON5 PrimedConservation VentHandmade in EnglandHandmade in EnglandMaesllwch Castle Hereford UKconservation-vent-before-and-after

Conservation Vent Grille

From: £120

Conservation ventilation grilles are ideal for listed buildings, bathrooms, cloakrooms, tumble dryer outlets and all outlets and inlets where either a 4″ (103mm) ducting or 5″ (125mm) ducting is used.

Choose the size of the Grille that is suitable for your requirements (check product specification table below for further details). Finished in a hard-wearing black gloss (+£20) or in a red oxide primer ready for you to apply your own finish.

The external dimensions of the CON4 and CON5 are similar, the difference is the spigot on the back which is either 4″ or 5″ diameter respectively.

Full dimensions are shown on the photos below, just click on the photo to get an enlarged view. From the side, the external dimensions are as follows :- vent protrudes 80mm, the spigot is 25mm wide.  From the front the external dimensions are as follows :- vent is 180mm wide at the bottom and 155mm wide at the top and the vent is 140mm high.

Holes are 5mm diameter and countersunk and are 130mm apart at the top, 160mm apart at the bottom and 115mm between top and bottom . Hole dimensions are between centres and all measurements are + or – 3mm

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Item Spigot Size (Inches) Spigot Size (mm) Weight (kg) Air Flow (mm2)
CON 4 4 103 2.5 7,200
CON 5 5 125 2.6 8,000