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Heritage Vent and Drain Grilles



Cast Iron Heritage Vent and Drain Grilles painted black.

Heritage grilles as the name suggests, are ideal for period properties . These grilles have been used on many properties in the UK, USA and Europe.

Drilled, they are often used as vent grilles, whilst undrilled grilles are used to replace missing or damaged drainage gratings. The situations where these grilles have been and are being used is almost limitless and includes extractor outlets, natural ventilation, air inlets, combustion air supply, cupboard vents, kitchen unit kick board vents, floor vents, door step grilles, basement ventilation, drainage grilles and drainage channels. These cast iron grilles are ideal to replace the plastic brown coloured 150×150 or 175x175mm vent extractor outlets that are often installed generically to buildings (replacing with HER6 or HER7) .  The larger Heritage grilles are often used as a feature in drainage, garden landscaping and walkways.

Heritage by name and heritage by nature, these stunning, Scottish made, hand moulded castings are perfectly at home in any period property and already find themselves ventilating many iconic British properties including Barton Manor (IOW) former home of Queen Victoria and Albert, Holyrood House in Edinburgh and Regents Parks Clarence Gate Lodge.

The grilles are already semi primed black on our shelves to stop them rusting in our workshops so we are afraid they can’t be supplied bare metal. We are happy to supply them in the primed finish if preferred to the gloss black finish (please let us know when placing your order) but please note they will rust much more quickly than the fully painted versions. The large grilles HER12 and HER15 are drilled and painted to order so please allow time for this or let us know if you prefer them primed only, there is no difference in price but it will reduce the delivery time by a few days.  Customers wanting to paint with their own colours with oil or epoxy paints should order this primed finish (the gloss black is almost impossible to paint over in any other colour than black).

Painted vents use two part epoxy black gloss top coat which is hard wearing but is just a decorative finish, like all painted cast iron products it will require repainting from time to time, especially if situated on an exposed wall. Repainting can be frequent if the grille is positioned in the sunlight, or chipped or exposed to salt air . The gloss paint will dull over time, in exposed conditions it is likely to dull to a satin sheen fairly quickly. Regardless of the paint finish the cast iron grille will last for many decades with or without painting.

For larger orders we can and have supplied Heritage grilles in all sorts of RAL colours, professionally primed with 3 part epoxy 2 part gloss or matt top coat but there is an additional cost of £200+vat extra for this and it cant be ordered via this website – please email item number, quantity and RAL number for a proforma cost for this. Drilling & mesh is available on the entire Heritage range, prices vary from £15 – £45 for mesh, and £5 – £15 for drilling, depending on size of grille.

Please Note grilles sized 12×6, 12×9, 18×18 and 20×20 – HER126, HER96, HER129, HER18 and HER20 which may be mentioned in spec sheets are now discontinued and no longer available. Please see product specification & current available sizes in the table below.




Item Size (inch) Size (mm) Weight (kg) Air Flow (mm2) Plate Thickness (mm)
HER6 6 x 6 153 x 153 1 6500 9
HER7 7 x 7 176 x 176 2 10000 11
HER8 8 x 8 200 x 200 3.0 14000 11
HER9 9 x 9 229 x 229 3.2 16000 11
HER12 12 x 12 305 x 305 4 30000 10
HER15 15 x 15 380 x 380 8 45000 12


Additional information


HER6 (Undrilled), HER6 (Drilled), HER6 (Undrilled with mesh), HER6 (Drilled wth mesh), HER7 (Undrilled), HER7 (Drilled), HER7 (Undrilled with mesh), HER7 (Drilled with mesh), HER8 (Undrilled), HER8 (Drilled), HER8 (Undrilled with mesh), HER8 (Drilled with mesh), HER9 (Undrilled), HER9 (Drilled), HER9 (Undrilled with mesh), HER9 (Drilled with mesh), HER96 (Undrilled), HER96 (Drilled), HER96 (Undrilled with mesh), HER96 (Drilled with mesh), HER12 (Undrilled), HER12 (Drilled), HER12 (Undrilled with mesh), HER12 (Drilled with mesh), HER126 (Undrilled), HER126 (Drilled), HER126 (Undrilled with mesh), HER126 (Drilled with mesh), HER129 (Undrilled), HER129 (Drilled), HER129 (Undrilled with mesh), HER129 (Drilled with mesh), HER15 (Undrilled), HER15 (Drilled), HER15 (Undrilled with mesh), HER15 (Drilled with mesh), HER18 (Undrilled), HER18 (Drilled), HER18 (Undrilled with mesh), HER18 (Drilled with mesh), HER20 (Undrilled), HER20 (Drilled), HER20 (Undrilled with mesh), HER20 (Drilled with mesh)

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